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If you desire to transition to green energy, you are on the right track because you have come to the right place. Solaria Energy Solutions is the green company here to help you transform your home or business in Oviedo, FL. We have 5-star ratings for a reason.


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Call us today for no-obligation and free energy audit and consultation for solar panel installation for your Oviedo home.

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If you want to learn more about us directly from our customers, feel free to read through our 5-Star ratings and reviews!

Top Reasons for Going Solar

When you go green with our solar panel installation service, you will discover how sustainable energy, besides helping the environment, includes other benefits that makes “cutting the cord” easier. From federal and state tax credits to increased property value, there are many benefits from switching to solar!

No power bill

Remove one costly bill from your list today. With solar panels, you will no longer pay energy companies. Instead, you pay yourself.

Tax Incentives

Household and business owners are recognized for their contribution to helping the environment by available Federal and State tax incentives. We walk you through the process so you can capture all the incentives available to you.

Short payback period

Another advantage to this investment is that it is low risk and has a short payback period. Moreover, you get more savings from the dramatic decrease in solar panel costs.

Increased Property Value

Realtors know that having a solar panel system on your property is a great addition to easily selling it to potential homebuyers. This is supported by recent studies today. Hence, you are making a great investment today and for your future.

Reduced carbon footprint

We all know how climate has changed. Now that we have the option to access and use renewable energy, we can help by reducing our carbon footprint and inspiring others to use solar energy.

Avoid power outages

Avoid the stress and inconvenience of power outages during stormy days or any other day. With solar panels gathering and solar batteries storing energy, you will never have to experience power outages.


Why Choose Our Solar Installation Company

Solaria offers zero upfront fees. That is right, you will not have to pay a penny when we start this project with you. We have the financial instruments at hand so you don’t have upfront fees!

We are experts at what we do. So, wherever your property is located, we can find the right spot where your panel units will be placed. This ensures that the production of energy is 100% guaranteed.

To make sure that your investment is protected, we only work with the best solar panel manufacturers in the market. All our manufacturers have a 25-year manufacturer warranty on their panels.

We partner with SolarInsure to provide our customers the option of a full 30 years warranty for the solar panel parts and labor. Moreover, it is fully transferrable!

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With Solaria, you own the unit yourself, not lease. This allows you to enjoy all the federal and state tax incentives.

As you own the unit, you alone benefit from the tax incentives offered by the federal and state governments. We will be here to guide you through the process.

Because we support your transition to going solar, we provide you with an app that monitors your solar energy production and consumption to make sure you are getting maximum energy production.

We want to make sure that as you switch to solar, the process won’t be a financial burden. That is why we provide an affordable Annual Percentage Rate for your loans. Our bank partners offer reasonable rates.


Our High-Quality Solar Installation Services

Residential Solar Panel Installation

We help household owners switch to green energy. We support families that decide to save money on energy bills. Our services are top-of-the-line, and we help in the best ways we can, from providing cost-effective services and financing options to durable and long-lasting solar panels.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters use efficient heat pump technology that can heat up the water that runs in your home or business more efficiently than standard water heaters.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

If it is your business’ objective to go green, then Solaria can help you. Start now and be free from depending on the power grid. Control your business’ power production and consumption while helping the environment.

Solar Batteries (Storage)

Store the energy produced by your solar panels in solar batteries instead of the power grid to completely eliminate power outages. As your panels gather solar energy, your batteries will save it for you and the system can use it when needed to power your home or business.

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Don’t Wait to Go Solar!

Solaria Energy Solutions is here to help start saving money today. We provide reliable, state-of-the-art solar panels and service at the best prices in Oviedo and Central Florida!

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Solar Panel Installation, Oviedo, FL

If you desire to transition to green energy, you are on the right track because you have come to the right place. Solaria Energy Solutions is the green company here to help you transform your home or business in Oviedo, FL. We have 5-star ratings for a reason.

Solaria Energy Solutions is a trusted solar energy company in Central Florida. Our family-owned and operated business promotes easy access to state-of-the-art but cost-effective solar panel installation services. No need to search for “solar installers near me” or “solar companies near me” because we are your best option in Oviedo, FL!