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Solar panel installation is more affordable than ever. Being in Dr. Phillips in Central Florida you are well positioned to take advantage of the abundance of sunlight throughout the year from solar energy! Among other benefits, you can save money on your power bill, help the environment, and benefit from tax incentives by switching to solar.


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Eliminate your power bill. Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation and quote for your home or business in Dr. Phillips and start saving money on power!

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We pride ourselves on our numerous 5-star reviews from our many clients in Central Florida. Read our reviews and contact us for a consultation how you can “cut the cord” and be independent from energy fluctuates from your power company.

Top Reasons for Going Solar

When you go green with our solar panel installation service, you will discover how sustainable energy, besides helping the environment, includes other benefits that makes “cutting the cord” easier. From federal and state tax credits to increased property value, there are many benefits from switching to solar!

No power bill

Solaria also can provide a solar battery energy storage solution in conjunction with your solar panel installation so you can store your own energy and be completely independent from your power company. Say bye-bye to that power bill!

Tax Incentives

By switching to solar, you are eligible for tax incentives from both the state and the federal government which help drive down the cost of your solar panel installation.

Short payback period

The reduced manufacturing cost and increased supplier competition of solar panels means the savings trickle down to you. It has never been cheaper to install solar panels on your home or business which means a short payback period on your investment.

Increased Property Value

Solar panels are a great investment today for any property. Studies show that more consumers are looking for solar energy when purchasing a new home. This has led to increased property values for homes with existing solar panel installations.

Reduced carbon footprint

Using renewable energy reduces your carbon footprint as you no longer depend on a power company to generate your power. Traditional power companies have large greenhouse gas emissions. A whole community on solar power generation can have a huge impact on the environment.

Avoid power outages

Avoid problems that come with unexpected power outages in your area due to maintenance and storms. With solar batteries, you can store solar energy for automatic use when you need it.


Why Choose Our Solar Installation Company

With Solaria there are no upfront fees start your solar panel installation. Our flexible payment plans make solar affordable for everyone.

We ensure that your rooftop panel or solar panel system generates maximum energy output. The design of the system is custom to your home or business and positioned during installation for maximum sun exposure.

All our panels come with a 25-year manufacturers warranty against defects at no additional cost.

We have partnered with SolarInsure, the largest solar warranty company in the industry, to provide you with the option of a 30-year parts and labor warranty for your solar panel installation.

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We do not have costly leases and rentals for our solar panel systems. You own the unit and are eligible for all the incentives and tax credits to make your solar panel installation extremely affordable.

As part of the ownership of your solar panel system, you are eligible to exercise and keep all of the federal and state tax credits.

Solaria provides a convenient smart phone app to monitor the energy production performance of your solar panels. Know exactly what your system is producing and what you are consuming. You can also calculate your cumulative savings from switching to solar.

We have partnered with trusted financing institutions that offer the lowest APR rates for solar panel installations in the market, making go green easy on the pocket.


Our High-Quality Solar Installation Services

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Many homeowners are making the switch to solar energy due to the decreased acquisition costs of a solar panel system. Enjoy the benefits that come with a reliable solar panel system – sustained green energy production and freedom from your power bill. Read our 5-star Google reviews and see why we are a top choice when shopping for solar!

Hybrid Water Heaters

Our top-of-the-line hybrid water heaters use efficient heat pump technology. This technology is ideal for Florida’s warm temperate climate to save money on generating power to keep your water hot.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Businesses and organizations in Central Florida are following through when their green initiatives by switching to solar. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and learn how we can save you money on power while you contribute to the community with a commitment to sustainable green energy.

Solar Batteries (Storage)

One important benefit of solar energy is no longer experiencing power outages. We make that work with our high-quality solar installation and energy storage using our solar battery storage solutions.

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Why Wait to Go Solar?

Solaria Energy Solutions is a Better Business Bureau A-rated and Google 5-star rated family-owned and operated business that takes pride in our commitment to a greener community in Central Florida. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can make solar panel installation a reality for your home or business.

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Solar Panel Installation, Dr. Phillips, FL

Solar panel installation is more affordable than ever. Being in Dr. Phillips in Central Florida you are well positioned to take advantage of the abundance of sunlight throughout the year from solar energy! Among other benefits, you can save money on your power bill, help the environment, and benefit from tax incentives by switching to solar.

For households and businesses looking into solar panel installation, Solaria Energy Solutions is the solar company to trust in Florida. We are a 5-star rated, family-owned, and operated business providing outstanding, cost-effective, and optimal solar installation. Our certified, insured, and well-trained technicians and installers will take care of your needs, so your property achieves maximum solar production. We promote renewable, sustainable solar energy because we believe that each of us can make a difference towards a more sustainable future. Go solar with us and you will not regret it!

federal Tax credit increased to 30% !

The Federal credit amount for installing solar has been raised from 26% to 30% from 2022 to 2032! This includes solar installations and Solar battery storage solutions!

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