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Solaria Energy Solutions is the best solar panel installation company in Central Florida rated 5-Stars by our clients for our continued focus on customer service, quality, and cost-effective solutions. We are passionate about our clients and helping the environment by using renewable energy!


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If you are looking for a solar panel installation company, Solaria Energy Solutions is the best in the business. For years of service, we have established a client-happy-rich portfolio testifying 5-star, excellent, and affordable service from our team.

Making solar panels cost affordable for everyone is our focus most especially for clients with a limited budget. We believe that solar installation should be affordable and accessible. Regardless of your electricity requirement, we can deliver with ease. We have had commercial projects for medium to large businesses, thanks to our unrivaled service and commitment to each and every client. If you are looking for local solar companies near you and want to know about solar panel cost, Solaria Energy Solutions is the company for you.

We service all areas in Florida and regardless of your residence’s location, we can give you the best package deal that no solar panel company can offer.

Our Services

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Take advantage of the year around sunshine in Florida and start saving on your power bills by installing a state-of-the-art solar panel system on your home roof from Solaria.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Your business is eligible for Federal tax credits when it is powered by renewable energy. Businesses are saving on power bills while having a positive impact on the environment.

Hybrid Water

Give yourself a hot bath with the cost savings of a hybrid water heater powered by solar energy through your solar panel unit.


A solar battery is similar to your smartphone’s power bank. It stores solar energy to power your home so your home is always powered . . .even during power company outages!


Knowing how much solar power you need for your home is important. With Sense Monitoring, you can see real-time production and usage of solar panels.


Smart thermostats allow your home to optimize heating and cooling settings for your home to perform just when needed and save energy.

Attic Insulation

To save you more energy and cut down on your power bill, blown-in attic insulation retains cool temperature during summer and heat during the winter and prevents air produced inside of your home to leak out.

Spray Foam

Seal your walls, floors, and any ceiling cavities using foam insulation to create an airtight seal to help maintain a constant temperature in your home and keep down those energy bills

Electric Car
Charging Stations

Have the convenience of charging your EV in your own garage. We have certified electricians on staff that can install Level 2 electric car chargers.

Top Reasons for Going Solar

Solar power is a renewable resource that comes from the sun. It is the cleanest renewable resource, and its supply is unlimited. Solar panel roofs harness the sun’s infinite energy to power your home or business, reduce your carbon footprint, and free you from your utility company. If you live in Florida, consider using the renewable energy of the sun to your advantage. One of the best things on this planet is that there are abundant unused and underutilized renewable energy resources at our disposal. Solaria Energy Solutions is here to bridge the gap and make use of solar energy to power homes and commercial establishments in view of a cleaner and greener future. Here are more reasons why you should convert your home to a solar energy-powered residence:

No power bill

Enjoy unlimited use of electricity without the cost. With a solar panel system, your residence is free from hefty monthly power bill.

Tax Incentives

The Federal and State government offer various forms of tax credit and incentives. If you own a solar panel at your home or in your business, you can enjoy these tax incentives which allow you to substantially decrease your tax obligation by up to 30%.

Short payback period

With a solar panel system, you can enjoy a low risk, high functionality investment, and short payback period.

Increased Property Value

Solar panel system increases your property value without having to pay more on property taxes. Florida offers 100% tax exemption on property tax increase for owners of solar panels.

Reduced carbon footprint

Reducing your production of carbon footprint is your best way of helping the environment thrive and survive.

Avoid power outages

With a solar storage battery installation with your solar panels, never experience power outages due to faulty grid wirings and during storms and hurricanes. You are completely independent and won’t have to worry about power outages.


Why Choose Us for Your Solar Panel Installation Needs

Solaria Energy Solutions is the best solar panel installation company in Central Florida that you can trust for your home or business. Here are some of the benefits you can get when you choose us over other solar companies in the Sunshine State:

We use only the best quality solar panels for our installations.  With our 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on solar panels, we make sure that your solar panel system is working as promised.

No need for burdensome upfront payments. With our flexible payment method, you are not required to pay right away.

We are partners with SolarInsure, the country’s most trusted solar home warranty, offering 100% transferrable warranty coverage for parts and labor for 30 years for your peace of mind!

With our Solar Energy App, you can monitor and manage the use of solar energy so you can be informed in real-time even if you are away from your computer.

We have the widest range of low APR options for you to choose from.

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Solaria uses highly-innovative solar panels with the highest capacity and capability in terms of energy production and efficiency rate.

State incentives and the Federal Solar Tax Credit help shorten the payback period of going solar.

We use only the best available solar panel technology with the longest manufacturers’ warranty.

Some companies have 3rd parties eligible for the tax credits. At Solaria, we let you claim 100% of the tax credits, no questions asked.

Unlike other companies, Solaria makes sure that your solar panels are placed strategically to optimize your solar energy production.


Comprehensive Extended Solar Warranties by SolarInsure for your peace of mind.

Solarinsure 30 Year Warranty
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Your Guide to Federal Solar Tax Credit

A Federal Solar Tax Credit allows you to claim federal income taxes for a portion of your photovoltaic (PV) system. This tax credit also allows other types of renewable energy and owners are also eligible for a similar credit allowance. A solar panel that is installed and completed before December 31, 2019, was eligible for a 26% tax credit. As of July 202s, the House of Congress has increased the 26% tax credit to 30% for all solar installations and are completed from years 2022 up to 2032. 

Why wait to go solar?

Take advantage of the Solar Tax Credit and save up to 30% off Your Solar Panel Installation. Contact Us Now!

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Here are the criteria for the eligibility of Federal Solar Tax Credit

Know more about Federal Tax Credit for Solar Panel and Photovoltaics at Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy.

Your solar panel system was installed between the dates 01 January 2006, and 31 December 2023.

You own the solar panel system (i.e., you got it through cash or a financing, but you are should not be leasing or in a purchase-arrangement of electricity generated by a system that is not yours).

The solar panel system is newly installed or utilized for the first time. The tax credit can only be taken advantage of on the first-time solar panel installation.

The solar panel system is at your primary or secondary home address in the USA, or for a community solar project outside, if the electrical power generated is credited against, and is not more than the consumption of your home. The IRS has allowed a taxpayer to get a section 25D tax credit for buying a part of a community solar project.

Solar Panel Cost and Savings

If you are worried about solar panel costs, now is the best time to invest and convert your home to opt for solar panel installation. In the past five years, solar panel cost decreased dramatically thanks to research and development making the solar panel units easier and cheaper to produce. In addition, state funding and incentives for manufacturers help in producing more solar panels and making them more affordable for consumers. During our consultation, we optimize the size of your system to meet your exact power needs based on your historical power bills. We then calculate the cost of the solar system taking into account all the rebates and incentives available to you. Finally, we give you the exact payback period you can expect from your system. 

Why wait to go solar?

Find out why we are a Google 5 Star Rated solar installation company. Contact us for a consultation today!
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Solar Power Installation Process

With millions of American homes that have already gone solar, more and more consumers are taking another look at the potential of solar power engineering through solar panel installation for their homes or business. The average cost of solar panels is at an all-time low. With dozens of incentives and tax credits available and with all financing options offered, now is the time to consider having your home go solar by one of the best-rated local solar companies in Florida – Solaria Energy Solutions. There are five main steps during the solar power installation process.


Engineering Site visit

Site visit helps an engineer assess and evaluate the electrical status of your household and make sure the compatibility of the solar panel roof. In addition, the site engineer will evaluate the condition and the slope of your roof in order to make sure that the roof will give the optimal placement for your solar panel unit towards the sun. This is a critical step to ensure we size your system correctly to eliminate your power bill.


Permits and documentation

Solar panel installation requires permitting and HOA Approval with Permit Approval . We do all of the leg work and submit for all permits per city and county codes. Permits and document preparation will also help you to secure federal solar incentives including Federal ITC, local solar programs of your state, financing options, and government rebate programs and SRECS.


Ordering equipment

Once your engineer has completed the assessment and prepared all permits and required documentation, we order the equipment and prepare the panels and inverters for your home.


Solar panel installation

We schedule a convenient time to do the installation of your solar energy system.


Approval and interconnection

Before Solaria is finished, we test and dry-run your solar installation to make sure that everything is working as intended. We also schedule all required city or county inspections per permitting requirements. Contact our representatives at Solaria Energy Solutions for affordable rooftop panels for your home or business. We are a trusted solar installation company in Central Florida. Find out for yourself now. Call us today!

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Orlando’s Best Solar Panel Installation Company

Solaria Energy Solutions is the best solar panel installation company in Central Florida that promotes the use of renewable energy. While you save money, you are contributing to helping the planet by using renewable energy. Our family-owned and operated business is passionate about environment and doing our part to make this a greener world.

While we provide low solar panel cost, we also ensure that our customers get the best services. Trust that our priority is your satisfaction. Compared to other solar companies in Florida, our solar installation company offers a warranty on all our installations. If you intend to help the generations to come, Solaria Energy Solutions is here to assist you in this noble cause.

federal Tax credit increased to 30% !

The Federal credit amount for installing solar has been raised from 26% to 30% from 2022 to 2032! This includes solar installations and Solar battery storage solutions!

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